In Response to Majora’s Mask Theories.

Does anyone actually read stuff like this besides me? Haha doesn’t matter. I have lots to think about and like no one to tell ‘cause no one cares. :P

Anyway. So testing out theories. As I said before… ”They each have evidence towards them, yet they both have evidence against them. It also so happens that the evidence towards both is also the evidence against the other.”

Theory #1 - “Hallucination Theory”

It has been a thought swirling in my head for awhile now that the events of Majora’s Mask  may have never actually happened. And now that Hyrule Historia has confirmed that the timeline runs “Ocarina of Time (Past) > Majora’s Mask > Twilight Princess” AND that Hero’s Shade from Twilight Princess is Link from Ocarina of Time, I was even more convinced of this. Here are the bullet points of my thoughts:

  • Fado, back in Ocarina of Time, states that when non-Kokiri wander through the Lost Woods (without a fairy) will turn into a Stalfos. She wonders if the same might happen to Link.
  • Hero’s Shade has the appearance of a Stalfos. So could it be that Link, while wandering through the woods without a fairy, turned into a Stalfos?
  • On another note, let’s talk about my dreams real quick.
  • The plot is always something ridiculous, yet seems to make total sense as it is happening.
  • And even though my subconscious makes up this original story, it fills the story with characters from my life; though these people do not always fill the same rolls as they do in our lives.
  • Looking at Majora’s Mask, we find Link in a very dire situation: a deranged Child from the forest stole a mask from a salesman and is now bringing the moon down towards the earth AND Link finds himself transforming into three other races in a world seemingly obsessed with masks. That makes SO much sense, right? ;) See, this story, in game, makes so much sense. But doesn’t it sound a bit silly when it’s written out like that?* 
  • Now let’s look at the characters of Majora’s Mask. Off the top of my head, I can think of Skull Kid, Anju, the Carpenters, the Postman, Kotake, Koume, Romani, Cremia, Darmani, and Lulu. All of these characters have an (almost) identical Ocarina of Time counterpart: Skull Kid, Cucco Lady, the Carpenters, the Runningman, Kotake, Koume, elder Malon, younger Malon, (kind of) Darunia, and (kind of) Ruto (all respectively). 
  • Both of these last bullet points can point to this story being a dream.
  • Or.
  • A hallucination. The events of this game could potentially be a dream-state hallucination as Link undergoes a transformation into a Stalfos.

Theory 2: Termina Doomed by the Goddesses

First off, the credit for this theory goes to Zelda Universe. I read this theory quite recently, and it blew my mind. Here are the bullet points for this theory. It’s a long theory and I’ll condense it just to what I feel is important.

  • The majority of this theory relates back to the Stone Tower Temple in Ikana Valley.
  • The people of Termina were destined by the Goddesses to be doomed. Termina exists in the same dimension as Hyrule and therefore the same Goddesses apply. Nayru is believed to be this “Goddess of Time,” considering what OoT has delegated her in the creation story. The Goddesses gave Termina four gardians, the Giants. After that, the Terminians turned their back on the Goddesses.
  • It could be that they offered the Terminians the Triforce and they rejected it? It’s not quite sure. It seems this way however, when we look at Stone Tower Temple.
  • First off, this Tower. It resembles the Tower of Babel and was most likely created by the Garo. Just as how God was not pleased with His people building a Tower to reach the heavens, neither were the Zelda Goddesses. (ZU also says they flipped the universe, hence the flipping element in this dungeon)
  • Statues in the Temple depict a creature sticking his tongue out, and the tongue wraps all the way down to the bottom of the statue (the creatures crotch). And there, on the tip of its tongue, is the Triforce. Looks like a blasphemous sign to me.
  • The statue in the middle of the statue somewhat resembles one of the Giants. and surrounding it, four “pagan” statues, and a statue resembling a hand, with a finger pointing up with a flame on the end, as if to say “screw you” to the Goddesses.
  • It seems that Majora’s Mask was sealed here until it escaped. The Desert Realm that you fight Twinmold at has Majora markings in it. It is after you flip the tower that you can access it, so it’s more like you’re descending than ascending. So instead of making it up to the Goddesses, it’s more like you ascend into a Hell-esque realm.
  • And because of all this, Termina was doomed by the Goddesses.
  • So, according to this theory, Skull Kid didn’t doom Termina, he was a catalyst.
  • The Happy Mask salesman came to Termina and retrieved the Mask, where he brought it back to Hyrule, the favored Kingdom. But then Skulll Kid stole the Mask and returned it to Termina, setting these events into motion.
  • Link then comes and makes everything better. :D And then the Goddesses shine a rainbow after Majora is defeated. Again, we relate back to the events of Genesis. God used the rainbow as a sign of forgiveness for Noah. In the same way, it’s like the Goddesses were forgiving Termina.
  • Oh yeah, and somehow Fierce Deity fits in here? I don’t know.

I’ve probably forgotten multiple parts, and therefor, these bullet points probably aren’t perfect. Here’s the link to the original article: Please give it a read. It’s very interesting.

Comparing the Two

Hero’s Shade:

  1. Link went through a transformation into a Stalfos. The events of the game were no more than a solution.
  2. Link grows old and dies. He appears as a Skeleton in Twilight Princess because he’s dead.

Matching people:

  1. It’s a dream, so people from his life in OoT show up in Termina.
  2. Nintendo didn’t want to make new character models? ;P

The Story:

  1. It’s a crazy story because it’s a dream!
  2. It’s a long, complicated, beautiful story. Anything is possible with Divine Intervention.

Blasphemous Symbols:

  1. Not intended to actually mean anything.
  2. Terminians dismissed the Goddesses.

Fierce Deity:

  1. Link dreams of being Strong.
  2. Could have been a part of the history.


It could be one, the other, a mixture of both, or neither! I’m not sure which I believe yet. But I think everyone can agree on one thing: Majora’s Mask, though it had some of the most frustrating elements of any Zelda game to date, has one of the best and most compelling storylines of any game ever. As a child, I hated this game. But now that I’m older, there’s a love for the game I don’t quite understand. I’ve been dying to replay it but I haven’t had an opportunity. Feel free to submit to me your theories and I’ll give them a read and write another post. I’m always interested in more theories.